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Citizen's Fire Co. No.1
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405 Forge Road
Boiling Springs, Pa.  17007
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E236 has been placed in service!



02/13 - In house air bag system training.



02/13/13 - SCBA training.  Thanks to Co.38 for allowing us to use their facility.


02/12/13 - Crews were sent to Walnut Street in the village for basement flooding.  The cause of the water in the basement was unknown upon the initial investigation.  After being on the scene, several sink holes starting opening up in the rear yards of the nearby houses as well as the roadway unexpectedly.  This one almost swallowed the chief's ride.  It opened up under the truck before it could be moved.  The cause was later determined to be a water main break eroding the ground away under the surface.



02/09/13 - All 3 engines assisted Carlisle units on a fire at the Bartoli warehouse.  Photos: D. Clopper.


01/29/13 - Crews responded to PPG for a molten glass leak.  Copious amounts of water over many hours was used to cool the spreading glass leak.  Photos: Co.28 & D. Clopper.


01/28/13 - Truck 36 out of service until approximately until the end of March for a light refurbishment and upgrades.



11/14/12 - Below grade training conducted in coordination with PPG staff.  Training went well but was shortened by a possible barn fire call.



11/05/12 - Chief 236 arrived to find a working house fire.  There was fire showing from sides A and C attic windows and side C exterior.



10/02/12 - MVA with dual entrapment.  A northbound tractor-trailer lost control of the trailer.  It went into the southbound lane and over top of the southbound car.  This removed the trailer wheels from the trailer.  Both were extricated and sent with EMS.



07/11/12 - Training on the new brush truck.



07/09/12 - MVA on I81 involving multiple patients in a van.  Crews assisted with patient packaging and a landing zone for the LifeNet helicopter.



05/28/12 - MVA with entrapment on Forge Road.  After extrication, the patient was flown via Life Lion.



05/22/12 - House fire on Harmon Drive.  Units arrived with smoke showing.  Photos: E. Staub & D. Clopper.



05/09/12 - Rural water supply training.  Thanks to Penn Twp. Vol. Fire Company and West Pennsboro Fire Company for supplying the tankers for the evolution.



05/02/12 - Many members from Co.36 responded to assist Carlisle units with the fire at 50 Spring Road.  Photos: J. Coleman-Cobb & M. Snyder.


04/25/12 - Crews participate in basement fire training at HACC.  Photos: E. Staub.


04/20/12 - The engine and truck crew assist Adams County units on a fire at a lumber mill.  They were there for many hours.  Photos: E. Staub.



03/26/12 - Crews assist on a 3 alarm fire in Carlisle.  Photos: M. Snyder.


03/24/12 - Would like to thank Co.47, Co.23, Co.28 for covering our stations during our banquet.  Also a job well done by the award winners: Lt. S. Jumper and FF B. McKenzie, and Deputy Chief Bixler for a service award.



03/21/12 - Crews responded to a dispatched barn fire.  Arrived to actually find a small shed fully involved and collapsing.  Crews extinguished and over hauled the fire building.  Photos: D. Clopper.



03/17/12 - Co.36 assisted along with other numerous fire departments on a mountain rescue in the Pine Grove State park area.  Maryland State Police Trooper 3 airlifted the patient from the accident site using their rescue hoist.  Maryland State Police Trooper 5 was also there to assist.



03/17/12 - The engine crew assisted EMS with extensive patient packaging at a motorcycle accident.  The crew from MP-36 assisted AC Engine 7 with the LZ operations at Fuller Lake.



03/12/12 - Crews with responded to a working house fire that was later determined to be arson.  Photos: E. Staub.



03/05/12 - Single vehicle accident with an overturned mini-van.  The driver was able to step out of the van after it was stabilized and the windshield was removed.



02/13/12 - Co.36 assisted Co.25 with a working house fire.  Crews made an interior attack until command changed to a defensive mode.  The department assisted with fire suppression and a lot of over haul that needed performed.  Photos: C. Quirk.



01/27/12 - The company handled a small chimney fire with a slight smoke condition in the house.



01/24/12 - Co.36, AC 7, and AC Tanker 9 handled a fire contained within a small pig shed.  Original report was of smoke coming from a house however Chief 6A arrived and found the shed on fire.  There were several pigs in the shed.  Photos: E. Staub.



01/02/12 - Co.36 assisted on a structure fire at WIOO radio station.  Crews assisted with fire suppression and extensive over haul.  Photos: H. Heberlig.



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